Break Time with Maeve O'Leary

We catch up with Maeve O'Leary from COBIS about how communications have changed for school marketing and admissions since the pandemic. Maeve discusses the huge shift that schools have taken off the back of the pandemic to focus more on their internal comms with parents, and how the parent-school relationship is now more than ever a two-way dialogue where schools are successfully hosting regular parent forums. Maeve also shares some advice on hosting virtual events and how to encourage networking online.

Break Time with Paternoster Communications

Sophie meets Tom Buchanan and Jane Tozer from Paternoster Communications to discuss all things crisis management in the independent school sector.

Break Time with Jane Forster

Sophie meets Jane Forster, Director of Marketing, Communications and PR at North London Collegiate School, Jeju, to share her advice on working in school marketing.

Break Time with Jason Hoppner

Sophie meets Jason Hoppner, Director of Admissions and Marketing at Dulwich College to find out more about school marketing in Singapore.

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Meet the host, Sophie Clark

Sophie Clark is the Schools Partnerships Manager at Kampus24 and host on The Friday Club interviews.

Sophie has worked in the independent and international school sector for 5 years and enjoys uncovers emerging trends in school marketing and admissions, helping schools to become digital storytellers.

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